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  • Definition

    Temporary Transit, buy-back lease or TT is a specific customs regime allowing all non-taxable person travelling within the territory of the European Union (expatriates residing outside the EU or in the DOM / TOM, non-European residents of non-European nationality), to benefit from a brand new tax-free vehicle for the duration of his stay in Europe.

    At the end of the stay, the manufacturer agrees to take back the vehicle at no additional cost.

    You will find the official French Customs text available here:

  • What is the difference between the TT and a car rental?

    - You choose the make, model, engine and transmission
    - The car is brand new
    - The registration and insurance are established in your name, so you may cross any border within the EU
    - One-way in France included (return to a different agency). You may change the return centre until 4 days prior to drop off
    - Full-risk insurance without waiver and 24/7 assistance included
    - A 24 months warranty
    - Free GPS
    - Unlimited mileage
    - Accessible to drivers from 18 years of age
    - All major equipments are explained by an agent on delivery
    - No need to return the car with a full tank

  • Who can benefit from a Tax Free Lease?

    To benefit from the Tax Free Lease regime on a regular basis you must:

    Have your normal residence outside the customs territory of the European Union or in a DOM or TOM
    Stay in the European Union temporarily
    You may not exercise any paid activity during your stay

    These conditions are cumulative.

    Your spouse, ascendants and direct descendants, may use your - vehicle registered under this regime - if they meet these conditions themselves. No other user is authorised.

    Note :
    May also benefit from a Tax Free Lease

    - Students
    - People coming to do an internship or a mission
    - Journalists

    The granting conditions are the same as in the previous case.

    Definition of internship:

    It is the acquisition of training or development in professional, artistic or cultural fields.

    Definition of a mission:

    It is the exercise, on a provisional basis, by the employee of an establishment located outside the European Community, of a professional activity leading to his own training or to the enrichment of the establishment reception.

    For these cases, as for students carrying out paid work incidental to their training, the condition relating to the absence of gainful activity is lifted.

    Beneficiaries by way of exemption:

    Persons who, within a maximum period of six months from their return to the national territory inside the EU, are reassigned outside the European Community. The regime is granted to them for the sole duration of their stay in Europe within this maximum limit of six months.
    Persons residing in the European Community, and who are about to transfer their residence to a third country. They must prove the the imminent change of residence. The regime is granted to them for three months, with no possible extension of this period.

    French Customs Source:

  • Reserver

  • How long in advance do I need to book my car?

    The correct answer is: as soon as possible. The number of vehicles is limited, this means that if you order late, the vehicle you want may no longer be available.

    It is possible to order up to 21 days before the delivery date, provided that you send us your complete file within 24 hours maximum. A delivery abroad extends this period up to 35 days.

  • Can I choose the color of my car?

    No. Tax-Free vehicles, once returned, are sold by the manufacturer in its used network cars without being identified as ex-TT. Storing a vehicle is an extremely expensive operation, so it is very important that these cars are sold as soon as possible. In order to ensure the sale within a short time, the manufacturer chooses the most sellable colors (sober, for the most part). Only the model, engine, transmission and accessories can be chosen.

  • Company

    AutoTT is a brand of the Auto Turistica Iberica Group (ATI), entirely dedicated to the buy back lease, or Temporary Transit.
    Born in 1982, we have distinguished ourselves by an impecable service and a flawless analysis of our customers' needs.

    Historical partner of all brands of buy back lease, our team has over 70 years of experience in the TT market, and will be able to advise you in all stages of your stay.

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